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Purchasing goods from BlueWave Merchants Limited

There are several ways of making procurements through BlueWave Merchants Limited, some ways are explained below:

1. You may provide a detailed specification of the desired product, and we shall source for the product local or internationally as the case may require, we would secure a sample for your testing and validation, after which you would issue us with a Purchase Order to ship in and supply the desired quantity.

2. If you already have a product you are currently using, and you want us to handle the supply to you, provide us with the details of your desired product and the manufacturer, as well as a Purchase Order for your desired quantity.

3. If you require any of the products we are already supplying, you can immediately provide us a Purchase Order for your desired quantity.

Making payments for Goods

Based on the rating/staus of the customer and his business outfit, BlueWave Merchants avails customers different methods of payment. These include:

1. Full or Part Advance Payment for goods especially for new customers whose pedigree and credibility are not yet determined.

2. Cash and carry payment of goods already in our storage facilities for customers whose pedigree and credibility are not yet determined.

3. Payment after two weeks of supply for premium and reputable customers with valid and acceptable Purchase orders.

Scope of Products and Services Handled by BlueWave Merchants Limited

BlueWave Merchants is your all-round industrial logistic provider, and we have competent personel to handle any of your industrial logistic needs. We are not limited to the provision of the goods and services we have listed on this site. As long as you can articulate your product or service needs, we shall deliver it to you.

So, go to our contact page and mail us or give us a call today, and you will not regret it.